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Frequently Asked Questions

The Lendapair platform affords two ways of renting, using membership for our more frequent customers or pay-as-you-go rent for our once-a-while customers. To learn more about memberships, see our  Plans page.

All shoes are purchased and maintained by Lendapair.

All shoes, shoe bags are cleaned after each use. Our cleaning agents and practices are designed to kill the common cold and flu viruses. Based on current guidance, we have no reason to believe that our processes are ineffective against COVID-19. We thoroughly disinfect and deodorize the inside and the bottom of the shoes.

Standard Membership – As a Standard member, you will have access to a subset of the shoe collection, with shoes with a retail value of up to $750.00. You will be able to swap as often as you want.

Unlimited Membership – As an Unlimited member, you will have access to the entire shoe collection, shoes with a retail value of up to $3000.00. You will be able to swap as often as you want.

Learn more on our Plans page

Memberships are automatically renewed and billed on the same day every month using the payment method on file. Your membership will not expire unless you contact us to cancel.

Shoe rentals are for three days max. Each additional day will be the daily charge corresponding to the shoe.

We ship all items in a reusable mailer box with a pre-paid shipping label. Package the items as they were received, tape the box shut, add the shipping label, and drop it off at a USPS store.

Yes, we do offer wedding packages. Contact us to discuss further details.

Currently, we don’t have the option of purchasing shoes.

If the shoes are damaged due to intentional or negligent acts, a fee may be assessed and charged. The exact amount charged will depend on the extent of the damage up to the total “Damage Fee” paid during checkout.

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