Here Are Some Reason To Rent Shoes!

We’re all familiar with renting. We rent apartments, houses, cars, bikes, office space, storage space and much more.

But why do we do it?

Is it because we can’t afford to buy or is it because we don’t want the responsibility? Since COVID, it’s no secret that many people have decided to quit their jobs and work for themselves. Despite the horrific tragedies it caused, the 2020 pandemic has shifted the mindsets of many Americans. While many people suddenly had the money to make permanent purchases, some chose to invest it instead. 

Whether you can afford it or not, renting shoes proves to be a great option and it opens a plethora of possibilities. Christian Louboutin’s Dandelion Spiked loafers are currently priced at $1,295 USD. Gucci’s Rhyton Gucci Logo Leather sneakers are $990 USD. Balenciaga’s Speed 2.0 Recycled Knit sneakers are $995 USD. These three pairs of shoes easily come up to almost four grand and that’s before taxes, fees, and shipping costs. So, you decide to only just buy one pair, but who wants to have just one pair of luxury brand-named shoes sitting in their closet? Who wants to wear the same designer shoe to every party? And don’t get me started on the cost to keep the lavish material clean and looking new. How do you even prevent scratches from taking over the exquisite look of red-bottom Louboutin’s?!

Lendapair has the perfect solution! They carry in stock all of the latest hot, new designer shoes AT A FRACTION OF THE COST. On, you can subscribe to receive a new designer shoe once a month and keep it for up to 7 days. Meet her at a party in a pair of Versace Trigreca sneakers, wine and dine her in a pair of Tom Ford William Tassel loafers, and lean in for a first kiss in a pair of Dior and Sacai Chelsea Boots for all under $58 a month. Let Lendapair help you create memories of a lifetime. 

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