Hottest Footwear for Men This Summer

Summer is heating up! Time for bangin’ bods, hot hairstyles, cool clothes, and the freshest footwear that’s in season. Now that Springtime is over, it’s time to check out which shoes make the cut.

Ian Burke from has “a classic pair of white or neutral sneakers” at the top of his list. Fans of Adidas, “They go with everything from suits to sweatpants, and are super supportive and comfortable for even the most discerning sole,” he writes. Here at Lendapair, we’re fans of Adidas as well. We’re especially in love with their new collaboration with designer brand, Gucci. So, as our number one pick this summer, we’re going with the Adidas x Gucci Men’s Gazelle sneaker!

Our second spot on the “hot boy summer” shoe list goes to the long awaited collab of Fendi and Versace-Fendace sliders. Make a bold statement with the Fendace Wild Baroque slider or go with the more laid-back black Fendace Logo. This steaming hot code swap is sure to keep you cool as the beach breeze escapes through your toes.

Last but never least are Christian Louboutin’s Dandelion Spikes. Although they are ranked third on the roster, these luxury loafers were the top rented designer shoes on during prom season. Comfy and stylish, they are one of the best options for 2022. Dress them up with a nice button-up and slacks, or dress down with slim-cut jeans and a freshly pressed t-shirt. They can really upgrade your outfit!

With so many choices currently available, it’s hard to decide what to wear. Whether your summer plans consist of traveling out of the country or visiting the latest pop-up shop in town, Lendapair can help you look and feel cool this season. 

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