The Best Ripped Jeans for Men Deliver Serious Attitude to Your Simplest Fits

You’ve mastered the blue jean, from raw indigo to stonewashed. You own more black denim than Justin Theroux. Now it’s time to graduate to the best ripped jeans for men. Beloved by icons like Kurt Cobain and Johnny Rotten, they’ve got serious attitude for days. The right men’s ripped jeans will make a graphic T-shirt, flannel shirt, and mohair cardigan feel like the most punk look on earth, and they’ll rev up just right with a leather biker jacket and moto boots. 

But finding the perfect pair of ripped jeans for men can be a tricky task. Too many rips and holes, and you’ll risk showing off more leg than you bargained for. Too skinny a silhouette, and you’ll look like a has-been Soundcloud rapper from 2013. Ripped denim is all about balance: a tasteful number of natural-looking abrasions and tears, ideally on a pair of jeans that don’t look like they were painted on your thighs. To help you nail the look on your first try, we sought out the cream of the crop and came back with these 14 unbeatable pairs of ripped jeans for every taste and budget. 

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