What’s a Chunky Dunky, and Why Does It Cost $1,600?

Because nothing makes sense anymore, the most popular shoe in the world at this moment is not your typical grail-making collaboration between a high-fashion designer like Virgil Abloh. It’s not a design from a Travis Scott-level entertainer. Nor is it not a super-luxe, high-design piece of footwear. Instead, for the biggest shoe of 2020, Nike partnered with a brand you’ll recognize from the freezer section of the grocery store—Ben & Jerry’s—for a take on its Dunk silhouette that looks like a souvenir from an LSD trip. Meet the Chunky Dunky.

The design is outrageous. The shoe’s coloring borrows the familiar tranquil scene from a carton of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream—a cow backdropped by rolling green meadows and blue skies. The Nike Swoosh on the side is melting, like a scoop running down a cone on a sweltering summer day. The internal lining is a hippy-dippy tie dye. There are more elements on this shoe than on a toddler’s make-your-own sundae. From any angle, it is ridiculous.

And yet the Chunky Dunky, which went on sale yesterday for $100 through Nike, sold out immediately. More bracingly, it is now trading for an average sale price of $1,609 on secondary market StockX. The Friends & Family edition of the shoe, which arrived in a sneaker-sized tub of ice cream, is going for $3,828. The last collaboration with a consumer brand that did this well was a pair made with Heineken almost two decades ago.

So how is the Chunky Dunky the biggest release of the year so far?

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